Highly experienced and skilled on Software Architecture (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, XML, API Services), Server and Software Security, Project Management combined with Online Marketing & Internet Advertising background. I am a "Problem Solver" who only focuses on "Results". Leaded/worked on 500+ Web/Software/Marketing Projects about Web, E-Commerce, ERP, CRM, CMS, B2B, B2C, XML, API, Online Flight & Hotel Reservation Systems almost from every industry until today.

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Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Software Development

Inside an endless galaxy of programming languages, you have infinite possibilities until how far you could go. What kind of problem would you like to solve?

I whisper to machines and softwares.

Project Management

Ideas are not becoming real by itself because you could dream of it, everyone in the world have some ideas but without a plan it's just a wish.

I evolve ideas and turn into reality.

Business Development

Developing business on different locations with people far from each other, living in different cultures and environment by combining all differences as a superpower.

I build bridges between any points.

Research & Development

Continuously research and developing new kind of technologies and innovations.

I am addicted to innovation.

Strategic Planning

Deep researches based on Technologies, Protocols, Regions, Markets or Products.

I love to measure and analyse.

Enterprise Solutions

Technology is transforming Enterprises stronger than they've never been before.

I project and build "High Technology".

You have an idea to discuss? Just do it!

"Let's build the "Future" together!"



Only a few of millions have been born with unfair conditions, rest of the milliards you have an unique mind to think. Use it wisely!



Your idea doesn't happen by itself, you need to have a plan. Not just a random writings on paper, a professional one.


Make It

Every one has ideas, but not everyone can make it happen. The question is: how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward?

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