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Belgrade Guide for Digital Nomads

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.

It's a small and lovely city, population is around 1.5 million and based on 360 kmĀ² land.

You can completely feel Balkan Culture over there with history.

  • Education:

Serbian people are well educated with strong backgrounds until today and they are still trying to keep this levels on same for upcoming generations. There are lot of Mathematicians, Physicists, Engineers are graduating every year but most of them are choosing different countries to live or work with their skills from Belgrade Universities.

On the public parks you can see people like on grandfather age playing chess or some kind of brain games between each other outside.

  • Gymnastics:

As it's coming from Jugoslavian years, people are genetically trained on Gymnastics and almost every kind of athleticism areas.

Average tall is very high and people have athletic bodies and take care of being fit.

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