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Istanbul Guide for Digital Nomads

As I am an Istanbulian and lived there most of my life before I move to abroad, of course I know more than "a lot of" places to see and "things" to do in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city that you feel "love" and "hate" at the same time.

Between all the cities I have been, Istanbul was still special even comparing with most shining ones.


  • Beautiful City:

I have been and lived in a lot of cities for a while, before I leave Istanbul I had no idea what I have, but after being far from there with my own intention I have realised Istanbul is one of the beautiful cities in the world.

  • Hospitality:

Turkish Culture have a "fanatic" hospitality for guests. Usually, foreigners are highly welcomed with kindness and super hospitality, but this doesn't mean there are "bad guys" who is making "wrong image" is not exists too. 


  • Traffic:

Of course when we are talking about Istanbul, traffic is the first topic we remind. But comparing with Asia's traffic, I think it's quite acceptable.

  • Immigration:

Last 5-10 years, Turkey changed from position sending immigrants through accepting immigrants and it's too fast became interested by a lot of nations from all over the world, as people realized Turkey government doesn't inspect each person carefully and easy to move over there, it woke up "wrong" people for immigrating to country and because of some wrong people, it's also making environment to be judge same with normal expats and people starts to be disturbed of foreigner people/companies are surrounding their around and making their business go down.

Must To Do:

  • Breathe the air of Bosphorus, go for a yacht tour/ride and enjoy your precious moments in a day time and night.
  • Go and watch panoramic Istanbul from Galata Tower's top with an amazing historical view.


  • After 11-12pm at night, it's better to walk in main roads/streets for Expats.
  • Do not follow anyone for guiding to places, revenues, clubs, bars unless you do really feel no problem with it.
  • Beware of weird looking Night Clubs especially hidden places that you go deep and ladies are coming to you directly. Usually horny people who wants to do "stupid things" got caught their webs because of their weakness of woman, and it finishes with a "huge bill" or "help request" maybe even worse that can leave a hard life lesson!

    Turkish people have an urban quote describing this situation:

    "Whatever happens and goes wrong with someone, it's because of being curiosity or p***s"

Do not ever forget this sentence, if you don't want to have troubles in Istanbul.

  • Beware of trying to speak with girls who has "man" around even as Friend does not matter. It's almost considered as "rude" and usually it ends with hearing things you don't want or might be even a fight depend on your behaviour, honestly people does not love to be disturbed especially while they are with company. It's considered as "disrespecting" person next to. Maybe this is not for everyone but I can tell this situation to avoid for not to have suprises. It's not welcomed kind of acts over Istanbul.

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