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Kiev Guide for Digital Nomads

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and a beautiful historical city. Even they are coming from difficult years until now as a nation, it's precious that people are still happy and able to smile. This is the first thing, you can easily notice over there.

  • Safety:

As long as you are not in wrong place at the wrong time, Kiev can be called as "safe" in City Center and around regions. But still you have to be careful due to it's too much potential to be in that wrong place too fast for anyone.

  • IT Hub:

Kiev has an army of IT people especially on Software Development and new innovations (as it's said last time around 10.000 developers). Young generations are too much interested on technology and most of them working in abroad projects as outsourcing development teams. Software and Technology companies are continuously keep growing every day more there.

  • Delicious Foods:

Ukrainian Cuisine has very wide eating culture with lot of delicious foods. For tasting the local Ukrainian foods, I recommend you to go "Puzata Hata" at least once.

Also restaurant quality in many places are better than most of restaurants in European countries.

  • Sushi:

If you love Sushi, you are in the heaven of it. 

  • Night Life:

Night Life is very active in city but mostly on weekends. If you are social and love to go Clubs, Kiev has very wide options for entertainment that you need to know your limits to stop (it's a recommendation).

  • Best Spots:
    • Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square):
    • Khreschatyk (Kreschatik Street): 

      Kreschatik is the main street of Kiev, it's 1.2km length a straight way.
    • Andriyivskyy Spusk (Andriyivskyy Descent):

      Located in historical part "Podil", Andreevsky Descent is a must see in Kiev.

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