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Tbilisi Guide for Digital Nomads

Tbilisi is a capital of Georgia.

A country almost welcomes every nation without visa requirements, historical and have lot of beautiful places to discover next to Black Sea.

Tbilisi has a long and complicated history and there are still parts which are saved until now and became interested spots by tourists.

My impression about Tbilisi was being some surprised of traffic, after a long time living in quite cities.

I have been stayed more than a month and every day experienced more different things.

Overall after end of my stay, I can tell it's a nice city if you know what to do and when to do.

  • Georgian Foods:

It's one of the best thing over there, there are long list of "must try" for sure.

  • Georgian Wines:

Country is already famous with their wines all around the world. It is something you can be regret after if you don't try.

  • Traffic:

Traffic goes completely "chaotic" around all the city and there is a serious pollution from Cars.

  • Air Pollution:

I think this is one of disturbing thing about city, air quality is too low due to almost all aged cars are able to go traffic. Even rest of country have very good quality air by mountains and Black Sea winds but this is not same for Tbilisi.

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