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The "Cost" of Success

"Success" has a "cost".

Nothing is easy and everything has a cost.

I do not believe in luck or miracles without having targets and hardwork.

Nowadays people are only looking for "easy ways" to make "easy money" and dreaming of "huge success" without doing any efforts. 

They keep dreaming, dreaming and dreaming that they can not turn into reality, also nobody wakes them up too. Society is always happy to watch and talk about failures, keep entertaining people! :)

There are two kinds of creatures well known by their easy success in the world: a chicken and a b*tch.

You can not reach million dollars of dreams by having not more than 1$ worth mind and have similar minds around you.

Sometimes you have to be far from everything, sacrifice all you have, stand alone against the world in the places far far from where you call "home" just to turn your targets into the reality.

Either you give it your all or you take nothing from it.

But at the end, there is no better feeling than seeing all the efforts, sacrifices, hardworks, sleepless nights to pays off.

Success is an addiction. If you ever feel it in your veins once, you just can't stop yourself thinking more of it.

If you are looking for an addiction, instead of bullshits. 

Go for success, it pays off!

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