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What are Software Development Processes?

Software Development is not just about typing thousands of lines codes.

Except technical development, it's an "overall" process to manage and must be done in professional, proven ways to be succeed.

Each stages must be planned including details for managing project in a healthy way, otherwise "on the way" developments are painful and usually ends with disappointments.

Software Projects consist of four main processes;

1- Project & Requirements Analysis:

First phase of a Software Project is defining requirements and main modules needed by project must be analyzed with detailed project objectives.

Project assumptions should be considered and user benefits evaluated.

Ineffective features that will create waste of time for project should be arranged on next phase.

In this way, the project will be usually completed without prolonging the process and whether these features are necessary to be analyzed again.

The most accurate software language, software architecture, server requirements should be determined in this phase.

2- Modal & Design:

Create desired project can be web-based, mobile or desktop. Your design should be suitable for these platforms or devices.

When designing the web interface, html standards should be followed (SEO) should be arranged in a way that can be understood by search engines.

The needed modules should be designed and analyzed for ease of use.

It should be aimed to reach the desired page or result with maximum 3 clicks.

The designs should be simple and user-trusting designs.

3- Development:

It should work with a strong software architecture and coding in a way that can easily respond to all requests that may arise afterwards.

Using the Team Foundation Server, the project should be managed, reported, and monitored by the team in a team effort.

In order for the modules to work quickly, care should be taken not to over-query in the page and research should be made on Best Practices.

4- Testing:

Tests should be performed to determine whether the predetermined requirements are met or not, to produce the correct output.

Stress tests should be used to test the durability of the system, and queries should be optimized where necessary.

Openings in the system should be closed by performing safety tests.

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