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Hanoi Guide for Digital Nomads

Before I arrive in Vietnam I had no opinion about what I was going to face because most of people still thinks Vietnam is still recovering from war and hard times and they are thinking it is not safe. 

I will start with a certain thing for people who have never been and wondering how is the life over there:

Hanoi is overall safe and peaceful city. It doesn't mean there are some incidents are not happening similar to all around the world but I can honestly tell, crime rates are lower than many European countries.


  • Expats:

There are lot of Expats especially from US, UK, Europe is living in Hanoi and Expat Communities are social and active.

  • Kind & Friendly People:

Vietnamese people are usually kind and friendly.

  • Western Restaurants:

There are a lot of Western Restaurants that you can not find with same quality most of parts in Asia. I think, you can't have problems of eating in Hanoi, all you need is finding right places, rest is pretty fine.


  • Air Pollution:

Hanoi is almost in ranking of Air Pollution, every day.

  • Traffic:

I was thinking I know what does it mean "Chaos" in traffic until I saw Hanoi :) This thing is something you should experience by yourself. But just as a recommendation, what I can tell is: when you are crossing, just walk straight without not moving instant move to any direction and you will be fine :)

  • Traffic Rules (?):

Locals are caring of Traffic Rules only if there are any controls or being under penalty risk. Rest of times, chaos rules the traffic.


  • Do not think even to rent a car! This can be craziest thing if you are not a "Vietnamese" nor living in Vietnam for long years.
  • Due to air pollution is quite high most of days around year, it's better to install application for Air Quality to check before going out or doing physical activities.

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